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Introducing: 1day beauty blog

Introducing: 1day beauty blog

Hi guys! Corinne here. As always, it's an honour to have you here and welcome to 1day beauty's first blog post. This space will be a one-stop for all things 1day beauty: press, special guest writers, new product releases, how-to's, business, and beauty. 


Thought I'd kick things off here with a brand story. Why 1day beauty? 

1day beauty was born out of struggle for me to find a brand that was community-driven, and one that focused on speaking to groups that have been historically ignored within the beauty industry.


I grew up with a visually-impaired mother, and always wondered why people with special needs were ignored in beauty media. I started to look around, and saw that there was a lack of skin tone representation and gender representation, to name a few. So, with no beauty or business experience, I launched 1day beauty in 2018 with the purpose of ensuring no one ever felt alienated from our virtual room. 

We lead with a human agenda, and focus on clean formulas and the empowerment that comes from using them. 

1day beauty is for everyone, that's why we use the #allclusive hashtag.

The heart of 1day beauty is our content. It represents what we stand for. Before we share anything on our platforms, we ask ourselves if it's representational, educational, or what value it provides for the consumer. Our mission is to be the vehicle for people who have been marginalized by this industry, and for everyone to feel welcome in our virtual room. 


In keeping with our community-driven values, we're also open to anything you want us to talk about. Just let us know down in the comments!
Thank you for being part of our journey & do stay in touch!
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