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1day beauty

what is 1day beauty? Definition: noun A community-driven entity characterized by allclusive, clean & cruelty-free beauty.  verb The action or process of engaging in a community dedicated to ensuring no one feels underrepresented in beauty.  Similar: diversity, inclusion, representation, democratization

The idea of 1day beauty came about in 2018, and it was born in January of 2019 when founder, Corinne, didn’t see a community-driven brand that celebrated diversity, inclusion & representation. She took the leap and launched  —with no beauty or business experience. Growing up with a visually impaired mother, she wondered why person’s with special needs were never represented in beauty media, and why there was limited complexion representation. Surely these groups participated in beauty, but why weren’t they celebrated? 
The heart of 1day beauty is our content. It embodies what we stand for as a brand. Before we share anything on our media platforms, we’re always questioning whether it's inclusive, educational, or relatable in keeping with our mission of ensuring no one feels marginalized by our brand.  
1day beauty is for everyone, and leads with the belief that no one should feel alienated from our virtual room. We’re devoted to representation and diversity, and taking a community-driven approach on our platforms to bring you the best products, developed by your ideals, with your favourite ingredients, and desired performance.    
Under-represented communities in beauty deserve better. As a small, self-funded startup, we're just getting started with our mission of ensuring everyone feels welcome in our virtual room. So far, we're honoured to have earned mentions in Coveteur, Style Democracy, The Varsity, Global News, & IMATs
As 1day beauty grows, we're so excited to expand our product line. 
our values: allclusive, clean, cruelty-free, community driven
It has always made sense for us to lead with community and conversation. We’re here to enable intentional communication about all things beauty (or other), so feel free to live chat with us, direct message us @1daybeautyco, or email us info@1daybeauty.comIt’s an honour to have you here and to be part of 1day beauty’s journey, welcome.
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