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1day beauty was born in 2019 when founder Corinne, didn’t see a community-driven brand that celebrated diversity, inclusion & representation. Growing up with a visually impaired mother, she wondered why person’s with special needs were never represented in beauty media, and why there was such limited complexion representation. Surely these groups participated in beauty, but why weren’t they celebrated? 


1day beauty is for everyone, and leads with the belief that no one should feel alienated from our virtual room. It's always made sense for us to lead with inclusion and accessibility, and crowdsourcing to create our products. 


Under-represented communities in beauty deserve better. As a self-funded brand, we're just getting started with what it means to be community-driven & allclusive. So far, we're honoured to have earned mentions in Byrdie, HolrCoveteur, Style Democracy, The Varsity, & IMATs


As 1day beauty grows, we're so excited to intentionally expand our product line. Because we're a self-funded startup, it takes us a little longer to get products in the pipeline. 


It has always made sense for us to lead with community, conversation & hospitality. We’re here to enable intentional communication about all things beauty (or other), so feel free to live chat with us, direct message us @1daybeautyco, or email us It’s an honour to have you here and to be part of 1day beauty’s journey, welcome.



Our products are clean, cruelty-free, vegan & made in Toronto. 

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Get to know Corinne here.


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